In these Terms and Conditions, unless clearly stated otherwise:

“Pacifica Group” means Pacifica Elements Co., Ltd. Pacifica Lifestyle Co., Ltd. Pacifica Max Co., Ltd. Pacifica Retail Co., Ltd. their subsidiaries and affiliated companies, their representatives and employees and any third party empowered by them to act on their behalf.

“Card” means The Pacifica Group card issued by Pacifica Group.

“The Pacifica Group Card Program or Program” means a program or campaign offered or launched by Pacifica Group to provide or offer the benefits and privileges to Card Member from time to time at Pacifica Group’s absolute discretion, which shall include but not  limited to the Privilege Scheme, issuance of Card, Pacifica  Points or Pacifica Vouchers.

“Pacifica Group Card Member(s) or Card Member(s)” means all Card holders who have agreed to all the Terms and Conditions stated herein, and duly registered to this Program.

“Free Standing Stores” means the Pacifica Group’s standalone stores that are not within a department store.

“Pacifica Points” means the reward points which Card Members have accumulated in respect of their transactions at any Pacifica Group stores.

“Rewards” means goods, services, benefits or other privileges as Pacifica Group may, at any time and at its absolute discretion, determine and which may be redeemed or obtained by the use of Pacifica Points under the Program.

“Pacifica Voucher” means the conversion of Pacifica Points issued under the Program for Card Members’ redemption at the point of purchase.

“Privilege Scheme” means any privileges or benefits as may be conferred from time to time by Pacifica Group on the Card Members under the Card.

Unless clearly stated otherwise, any words or terms of reference defined in all other Pacifica Group documentation shall have the same meanings when used or referred to herein; and words referring to the singular shall encompass the plural and vice versa.


2.1 Qualifying Amount

The qualifying entry amount is based on a single receipt or an accumulated spend within the specified period. To renew class status, the Card Member must reach the spending required for each class within 12 months since status is awarded.

The following is a table indicating the qualifying amounts for each class of membership and renewal requirements:


2.2 Membership Application

To qualify as a Pacifica Group Card Member, the applicant has to spend the qualifying amount on sale or regular-priced items in a single receipt or over qualifying months at any Pacifica Group stores or consignments in Thailand. For accumulated purchases, receipts must be within a three-month validity period from date of the first purchase, as indicated on the receipt.

The applicant can apply for Pacifica Group Card Program by submitting the application and presenting the government-issued photo ID card including identification card for Thai citizens, or a valid passport for non-Thai citizens, to Pacifica Group stores.

Each applicant is entitled to only one membership account and must provide all required information for a successful application. Pacifica Group shall have the sole discretion to approve or reject any applicant as a Card Member. Upon approval by Pacifica Group of any application to be a Card Member, the Card Member will have an option to choose whether he or she wishes Pacifica Group to issue a physical card. A physical card will be issued to each applicant approximately 4 weeks after approval of Pacifica Group Card Member.

Pacifica Group will issue a physical card to the Card Member in the Platinum and Black class approximately 4 weeks after approval. Failure to deliver such physical card shall not constitute a right to claim for any damages by the applicant.


3.1 Membership Card

The Card is a privilege card, and not a credit or charge card. The Card is issued for use solely by the Card Member and shall not be transferable or assignable and is solely for the Card Member’s personal use and benefits only. The Card shall only be used in respect of Rewards specified under the Program and in accordance with the Terms and Conditions stated herein, and is not valid with other promotions, cards or discounts.

3.2 Change of Program

The current programs implemented by Pacifica Group shall be valid unless earlier varied or terminated by Pacifica Group in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. Pacifica Group reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change Program and guidelines at any time without being liable for any damages and without prior notice to Card Members.

3.3 Force Majeure

Pacifica Group shall not be liable if it is unable to perform or fails to perform its obligations under these Terms and Conditions, where such delay or failure is caused by natural hazard and/or disaster, labor unrest, riot, civil commotion, lockout, fire, flood, earthquake, typhoon, war, acts of foreign enemies or perils of the sea or other perils and any cause or circumstance whatsoever beyond the control of Pacifica Group.

3.4 Membership Cancellation

Without prejudice to any of Pacifica Group’s rights or remedies, Pacifica Group may at any time, at its absolute discretion, and without giving any reason or notice, terminate the Program or withdraw, cancel or invalidate any Card, Pacifica Voucher, Rewards and/or any Pacifica Points issued.

In the event of abuse or fraud in respect of the Card, Pacifica Voucher, Rewards and/or Pacifica Points or in the event the Card Member breaches any of these Terms and Conditions, Pacifica Group has the right to revoke and cancel the Card and withdraw all benefits and privileges or Pacifica Points conferred by the use of the Card without being liable for any damages.

In the event the Card Member wishes to terminate his/her membership to the Program, the Card Member may do so by notifying the applicable CRM department in writing, at any Pacifica Group stores or via email at crmsupport@pacifica.co.th. After membership cancellation, all specific personal information (i.e. name, home address, email) will be removed except the generic information and purchase transaction records which will be used for analytical purposes only.

3.5 Dispute Resolution

In the event of a dispute arising out of or in connection with transactions made with the Card under the Program, the transaction records of Pacifica Group relating to the Program shall be deemed conclusive and shall be binding on the Card Member. The decision of Pacifica Group on all matters relating to the Program shall be final and binding on the Card Members, and no correspondence will be entertained.

3.6 Program Communication

An e-mail will be a default communication channel for the Program. The Card Member will be notified about membership privileges, Rewards, account activity, etc. via a provided e-mail account. If an e-mail provided is incorrect or incomplete, Pacifica Group shall not be held liable for any missing information to the Card Member.

4. membership privileges

4.1 Membership Class Status

Card Members who have achieved each class status will be entitled to the below privileges. Privileges only apply at Pacifica Group stores. Members must present a valid government-issued photo ID before redeeming any rewards or exercising any class privileges. Pacifica Group reserves the right to make changes and amend privileges without prior notice. Privileges no longer apply upon expiry of the Card member’s class.

4.2 Membership Class Expiry and Renewal

Each class status and associated privileges are valid for one year since the date on which the status is awarded. The Card Member must reach the spending required for each class within 12 months since status is awarded to renew class status and retain associated privileges. In the event that the required spending is not met within 12 months, the Card Member will be assigned to a class status based on the amount spent.

4.3 Participating Stores

The program and privileges are valid at the below participating Pacifica Group stores: https://pacifica.co.th/store/


5. membership card RENEWAL AND REPLACEMENT

The Card will be valid until the expiry date printed on its face unless it has been reported stolen or missing or has been revoked, cancelled or terminated earlier. Pacifica Group may (but shall not be obliged to), at its sole discretion, issue any Card Member with a renewal Card and all Pacifica Points, Rewards, Pacific Voucher in connection thereto shall be governed by these Terms and Conditions, which may be amended from time to time.

Card Members shall take all reasonable precautions to prevent loss, pilferage, theft, or unauthorized use of the Card. The Card Member will have to notify Pacifica Group immediately orally and in writing if the Card is lost, stolen, mutilated, not received when due or if the Card Member suspects that the Card is being used by any other person. The Card Member shall be liable for any unauthorized use of the Card to the extent permitted by law and shall indemnify Pacifica Group against any claims, losses or damages of whatsoever nature arising out of or in connection with any unauthorized use of the Card. If the Card has been reported lost or stolen and is subsequently retrieved, it must not be used. The retrieval of the Card that has been reported lost or stolen must be immediately reported to Pacifica Group, and it must be cut in half and returned to Pacifica Group.

If the Card is lost, stolen or mutilated, Pacifica Group may affect or impose an administration fee of 500 THB for the replacement of the Card and any subsequent replacements shall be subject to these Terms and Conditions. Card Members should immediately report any loss or stolen Cards to the applicable CRM department in writing, at any Pacifica Group stores, via fax or, e-mail at the contact details provided above.

Replacement of Cards will not affect Pacifica Points, which Card Members have previously earned. Card Members will be able to retain their Pacifica Points and continue to accumulate Pacifica Points with their new Card, provided replacement is within expiration duration. The replacing Card shall be valid until the expiration date of the original Card unless otherwise renewed in accordance with the Terms and Conditions herein.


6.1 Issuance of Pacifica Points

Upon presentation of the Card or notification of membership, all Card Members will earn one Pacifica Point for every 25 Baht net transaction purchased, including end-of-season sale items, at Pacifica Group stores in Thailand. The conversion of qualifying purchases to Pacifica Points is rounded up/down to the nearest point. Value of 0.5 point or above is rounded up and value below 0.5 point is rounded down to the nearest point. Pacifica Points will not be earned on purchases made using Pacifica Voucher or any other vouchers as payment, during out of store sale event (Friend and Family Sale), and on purchases that are discounted at more than 60% from its original retail price (regardless of purchase location). A portion of payment made with Pacifica Vouchers will be counted towards Pacifica Points.

Pacifica Points will be issued for qualifying purchases made after membership application is approved. Pacifica Points shall be calculated on the net value of transactions (the amount payable in cash/credit, and after deduction of any promotional vouchers). In normal circumstance, Pacifica Points will be credited to the member’s account within one day after transaction. Pacifica Group shall not be liable for any damages to Card Member if Pacifica Points do not accrue within the stated period.

Upon renewal of your membership, any unused Pacifica Points will be transferred back to your membership account at the latest membership class. These transferred Pacifica Points will be eligible to be converted into Pacifica Vouchers and are valid for the duration of the membership.

Pacifica Points cannot be transferred to another Card Member’s Account. Without prejudice to any of Pacifica Group’s statutory rights, Pacifica Group may, at its absolute discretion and at any time, without giving reason or prior notice, suspend the calculation and accrual of Pacifica Points, rectify any error in any calculations and make any adjustments they deem fit to said calculations.

6.2 Reward Redemption

All Pacifica Points accumulated in the Program can be converted into Pacifica Voucher at any time during a membership period. Card Members must present a valid government-issued photo ID card before redeeming any Rewards or exercising any class privileges.

Every 200 Pacifica Points can be converted to 100 Baht Pacifica Voucher. If Card Members accumulate less than 200 Pacifica Points, the Pacifica Points cannot be converted into Pacifica Voucher. Instant redemption can be delayed up to one hour under normal circumstance. To redeem the Rewards or use the Pacifica Voucher, the Card Member must present the valid Pacifica Voucher(s) and his or her government-issued ID card as proof of eligibility. For purchases exceeding the value of the Pacifica Voucher, the Card Member is liable for the remaining amount of the transaction.

Pacifica Voucher may be used in conjunction with Card Member discounts. Pacifica Voucher can be redeemed instantly for purchases at any Pacifica Group stores. Pacifica Voucher can only be used towards the purchase of regular-priced items at Pacifica Group stores. Payment made with Pacifica Voucher will not receive Pacifica Points. Once the Card Member redeemed the Pacifica Voucher for the transaction, regardless of whether the value left in the Pacifica Voucher after it is redeemed, no change or Pacifica Points will be given to the Card Members and it will be deemed that the Card Members waive their rights in relation to an unconsumed amount of the Pacifica Voucher.

Instant redemption is not valid for use during sales, in conjunction with any other promotions, with the use of promotion or bank vouchers (unless otherwise stated), at Pacifica Group collectibles, any sale location, on consignment and selected products.

Multiple Pacifica Vouchers may be used in one transaction, unless otherwise stated and may be subject to change upon Pacifica Group’s sole discretion. In all cases where Pacifica Vouchers are used in exchange for rewards provided by the Pacifica Group, the Card Member shall comply with all the terms and conditions stipulated by the Pacifica Group.

Pacifica Vouchers will expire within 60 days after Rewards redemption. Any unused and expired Pacifica Vouchers cannot be converted back to Pacifica Points.

Rewards, which have been redeemed, cannot be refunded or exchanged for cash or kind, Pacifica Points or Pacifica Voucher or for another Reward or for any other merchandise. All Rewards are subject to availability.

For purchases made at Pacifica Group stores, if an item was paid in part with Pacifica Voucher and/or other Rewards and the Card Member seeks a refund/return of the item, the value of the Pacifica Voucher or Rewards will be part of the value returned in a credit note. If the item was paid in full with Pacifica Voucher or Rewards, the Card Member will be returned the equivalent Pacifica Points value in the Card Member’s account.

The item and original receipt must accompany the return request and must be returned at the store of initial purchase and in accordance with the terms, conditions, and policy of Pacifica Group in relation to the exchanged and returned products Whether the Card Member will qualify for returning the products is subject to Pacifica Group’s sole and absolute discretion. Pacifica Group hereby reserves the right to modify its exchange and return policy.

A Card Member may, subject to the Terms and Conditions herein and the respective qualifying Pacifica Points, select and redeem his/her accumulated Pacifica Points against any one or more Rewards, which may, at any time, be featured under the Program. The mode of redemption shall be decided by Pacifica Group in its absolute discretion.

Card Members will receive a statement of account in the event of any Pacifica Point activity, status change, Pacifica Points expiration, and Rewards redemption. All Pacifica Points earned are non-transferable and not exchangeable for cash or credit. Pacifica Points which have been successfully redeemed, cannot be refunded or transferred back to any Card Member’s Account.

The redemption and use of a Pacifica Voucher is subject to availability of the privileges and benefits stated under the Pacifica Voucher. If Pacifica Group is, for any reason, unable to supply the privileges or benefits stated in the Pacifica Voucher, Pacifica Group may in its absolute discretion supply alternative privileges or benefits of similar quality and price or withdraw the said privileges and benefits, at any time and from time to time without prior notice, vary the Rewards featured or substitute any Rewards with another of similar value and to withdraw or vary the privileges and benefits under the Program.

A lost, stolen or damaged Pacifica Voucher shall not be exchanged or replaced with another Pacifica Voucher.

6.3 Expiration of Pacifica Points

Pacifica Points will be redeemed based on a First in First out (FIFO) basis. Points gained by June 30 of the current year will expire the following year on June 30. Points gained after June 30 of the current year will expire the following year on December 31. Card Members can check their current Pacifica Points balance by contacting Pacifica Group’s CRM department or visit any of Pacifica Group stores.

Special Points given on special conditions (not from regular purchase transactions) will be redeemed before regular Pacifica Points.

Pacifica Group reserves the right to adjust any Pacifica Points in connection with any Card Member’s account. In the event of any dispute, Pacifica Group’s decision is final and conclusive.

6.4 Pacifica Group Birthday Privilege

Pacifica Group Birthday Privilege is valid for 60 days starting from your birthday. This privilege can use on regular priced items at the Pacifica Group Free Standing Store in Thailand only and can be used only once at each participating brand.


Pacifica Group collects personal information such as your name, e-mail address, birth date, gender, address, contact information, occupation, credit card and other payment information, transaction information, and personal interests and preferences (“Personal Information”) when you apply to be a Card Member and/or any points of sell and purchase whether online or at any of Pacifica Group stores;

Pacifica Group uses the Personal Information:

    1. To register you as a Card Member;


    1. To send communication regarding any ongoing promotions or Pacifica Group news;


    1. To customize and personalize promotional offerings, service offerings, advertising, our website;


    1. To evaluate your preferences and facilitate future works at the stores;


    1. To help us improve your experience in our stores and through our website;


    1. To respond to reviews, comments, or other feedback you provide us; and


  1. To protect the security and integrity of our websites and our business.

In order to provide the above services to you, Pacifica Group may share your Personal Information with our subsidiaries and affiliated companies worldwide or third-party service providers who are employed to perform functions such as marketing, payment, fulfilment and delivery of orders. These service providers are subject to confidentiality obligations and may only use the Personal Information to perform the necessary functions and not for other purposes. Where there is a legal obligation to do so, Pacifica Group may also disclose the Personal Information to any relevant regulatory body or pursuant to a court’s order.

Your Personal Information will not be sold, transferred or otherwise conveyed to unaffiliated third parties or third parties who are not service providers without your approval at the time of collection. At such point of collection, you shall have the opportunity to indicate whether you would like to “opt out” of receiving promotional and/or marketing information from Pacifica Group and its related companies and associated companies. You may also choose to unsubscribe to our mailing list at any time by clicking the “Unsubscribe” button in the e-mail or sending an e-mail to the applicable CRM department or in writing to us. Your request for us to cease sharing your Personal Information with other entities for marketing purposes will only take effect as soon as practicable from the date on which we receive your request.

Your Personal Information will be retained for as long as it is necessary to fulfill the purpose for which it is collected or in accordance with applicable laws. Should you choose to unsubscribe from our mailing list or should your Pacifica Group Card Member expire, all specific personal information (i.e. name, home address, email) will be removed except the generic information and purchase transaction records which will be used for analytical purposes only.

You may review and amend your Personal Information at any time by contacting the applicable CRM department.


These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of Thailand and the Customer agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the court of Thailand.

Where these Terms and Conditions may have been translated into other languages for your reference, please note that in the event of any inconsistencies, the Thai version of the Terms and Conditions will prevail.